’s Codeine 30 mg is highly effective for alleviating intense pain.

Codeine 30 mg: A Powerful Pain Reliever

Opioid analgesics like Codeine 30 mg are a potent solution for ongoing pain when other painkillers fail to provide relief. These tablets are not only effective in treating pain but also help in managing diarrhea and suppressing cough. Available in single or multi-ingredient products, Codeine 30 mg is a popular choice for those seeking pain relief.

How Does Codeine 30 mg Work?

Codeine 30 mg is classified as an antitussive, analgesic, and anti-diarrheal agent. It works by exciting opiate receptors in the central nervous system, which changes the emotional reaction to pain. However, it is essential to note that Codeine has a strong sedative effect that can reduce concentration, memory, and attention.

Supplied Codeine

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Methods and Dosage

The dosage and treatment regimen for Codeine 30 mg vary depending on the intensity of the disease and the composition of the particular drug. Typically, 15 to 60 mg of the drug is recommended for pain management, taken every 3-6 hours. For diarrhea, Codeine 30 mg is prescribed four times a day, while for cough suppression, 10-20 mg of Codeine is recommended four times a day. The maximum daily dosage for an adult should never exceed 120 mg of Codeine.

For children, the dosage is determined by their weight and age. It is crucial to follow the prescribed amount regularly and stay in touch with your healthcare provider to avoid overdosing.

Consequences of Codeine 30 mg Usage

Codeine 30 mg is a strong pain medicine that can cause life-threatening respiratory or breathing problems. It is essential to take the medication as prescribed by your doctor and avoid misusing it. Codeine can also cause dependence, tolerance, and addiction, leading to severe side effects and even death.

Risks Associated with Codeine 30 mg

Not following the prescription strictly can lead to several side effects and fatal consequences like death. Suddenly stopping the medication can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, and driving or operating heavy machinery can be dangerous while taking Codeine. Individuals with impaired kidney or liver function should avoid using Codeine, and those who drink alcohol or take other medicines that cause drowsiness should also be cautious.

How Codeine 30 mg is Excreted From the System?

Codeine 30 mg is metabolized in the liver and excreted from the system within a few hours. It is challenging to identify Codeine addicts and abusers as the decay products of Codeine drugs leave the system quickly.

How Long Does Codeine Stay in the Blood and Urine?

Codeine can be detected in the blood for up to 4-5 hours after taking the dose, while it can stay in the urine for a couple of hours longer. However, testing for traces of the drug in the system may not be worthwhile due to the short duration.


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